IMPERFKT Foundation


The IMPERFKT Foundation is a Christian-based non-profit organization and ministry, located in Southwest Virginia. The IMPERFKT non-profit was created as an intentional community that celebrates IMPERFKT people. It will address various issues in the community such as inaccessibility of mental health and addiction treatment and increased poverty levels, while promoting creativity and the arts, education, and economic development in Appalachia. The foundation aims to create various large-scale outdoor art installations that celebrate love, imperfections, and diversity. These installations will be a centerpiece for a community center that will promote collaboration and inspiration in the region and provide mental health, and addiction treatment. IMPERFKT Foundation will also help people discover God's purpose for their life, and ultimately be a vehicle of economic development. This creative community will ignite a spirit of creativity and hope and will unite students, community members, and local artisans of all backgrounds on a common purpose.